Welcome to the Basic Income Lab of the future

The raffle is passed! The community has decided that the future has to be basic income fo all of us.
Where exactly that leads us is not clear jet. But we have a clear vision: to bring universal basic income to switzerland

Are you with us?

Hä? Whats this all about?

Exactly a year ago we started with crowdfunding money an pass it out as a basic income trough a raffle. In a next step we will find out how universal basic income can be brought to a wide range of people. At the moment we are 5 people who work for this, day & night. 


Any questions? Please write us a mail


The donations that are in the Basic Income Pot are save and common goods. Promise!

3. Basic Income Pot

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As soon as 30'000 CHF are collected, a raffle takes place.

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